Our friends at Big Wonderful Inc. came in and set up shop in our workspace for a day and pieced together a really fun video telling our company story. Obviously we take pride in the small details and we think they did an amazing job capturing who we are. A special thanks to Ben Watkins for the countless hours put into this. If y’all need work that moves, we strongly suggest you consider this team. Other works can be seen at    


We are graphic design folks by trade and like the idea of being able to self-sufficiently bring our designs from the digital screen to the physical screen. We've collected t-shirts since we were old enough to dress ourselves and we see them as a go-to for all occasions.

We love the idea that a shirt marks a timeframe in your life, like a good album or a specific moment in your local sports team’s success, or failure for that matter. To us the shirt you choose for any particular day should have meaning and set the tone. Hopefully a few of our tees can help make your days top notch!


We realize there are a lot of t-shirt companies doing really great work both locally and nationally, so a big giant THANK YOU for choosing one of our tees. We appreciate every single one of you for letting us keep this brand rollin’.

You can be assured that we truly love what we do and hope to do this for as long as we are physically able—maintaining growth so that the final product can continue to be something made with true Midwestern elbow grease, one print at a time.


We are based out of Akron, Ohio—the Rubber Capital of the World and home to many hard working, nice as hell Midwestern folks. We are in shops all around the country and hope to keep expanding to more and more towns along the way. If you know of a shop that our tees would look nice in give us a shout or, even better, tell your local shop about us. You will receive lots of goodies for passing along the name.

We can also be found in shows across the states, appearing annually in Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Chicago, San Francisco, and more.

When all else fails you can find us right here on the ol’ information 24/7/365 with specials throughout the year. Sign up for our NEWSLETTER to learn about new tees we are launching, upcoming shows, and future deals.


The original concept started back in 2005. Back then it was just supposed to be a way for us to get some of our designs on shirts. The plan quickly changed as we realized that carrying stock and paying others to print the shirts didn’t really seem like it was going to scratch the itch. By 2006 we had started working with friends to develop a partnership. Three guys working together to help each other work through the start-up process. Trial and error and lots of business-related lessons later we had started a really fun passion project where we could design and produce our own ideas without having to carry massive loads of printed stock or rely on others to produce it for us. Ultimately the partnership led us to The Social Dept. in Spring 2011. Same concept, same passion. There might be more skilled printers out there, but a major part of the excitement for us is being able to see the creation of a final product from start to finish. Gotta love getting your hands dirty a bit along the way! Let the trial and error process continue!


In our 10 years of making shirts there certainly have been a lot of t-shirt brands that have come into the market. Many of them are strong and doing great work. We like to think we offer something a little different than most in that when we design a shirt, we design with a series in mind. Coming from a true swiss-style graphic design way of thinking, we feel that if you build a strong enough underlying template, then the idea should only get stronger the more you build on it. We not only develop concepts for where we are from, but we want to help develop pride for where others come from as well. Most of our concepts start with our home state or a city in which we do shows. Once we get the series going we branch out and tackle new areas, collaborating with friends in towns all across the 50 states. 

Maintaining an ever-growing catalog of 350+ designs can be a little challenging, but we think that’s what makes us unique.