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The legend of Bigfoot has two very different sides to the story. First, the rumor. Rumor has it that the big man, on break from his daily Tilt-a-Whirl® duties at the local county fair, showed up at our door begging to be a part of our visual branding.

After years of layin’ low in the shadows, he felt confident he was ready to shine. We told him that we had already gone with someone else and better luck next time. Well, next time came all too soon as Bigfoot would not leave the property and definitely wasn’t taking no for an answer. After demanding a fair tryout and giving us one hell of a pose, we could not resist. Besides, Nessy was way over-booked at the time.


Well, after many years of running with the Lion mascot we needed a new face to the brand. Lion was a perfect fit with his ability to bring pride outta anyone…but he was a bit busy and at times way too cocky for us.

So we thought through a list of characters who we felt could be the perfect mascot of choice for our brand. Some of the original list of candidates included:

Sure he was a legend in his day, but he has a bit too heavy of a drug past and honestly hasn’t kept himself in very good shape. Plus no member of The Social Dept. can be a cat-eater.

RUFUS (The Cat)     
Seemed like the perfect fit….but unfortunately since his Cat-like Work Ethic comes across as downright laziness to the outsider, we thought better of him being the face of our brand.

That led us to Mr. Bigfoot himself. We liked that Bigfoot shared our love the outdoors and traveling the 50 states. We liked that he had been to all of them and had valuable inside information on every one except Florida. But what really sold us was his ability to be so well-known and so loved while being the most anti-social person in the world. BINGO. The Social Dept. had found its mascot. If we can make the big man social, we can make anyone social!!!