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Hello fine customer...
You have chosen a small brand making something we love! It feels good right? We are not a big box store cranking things out in 27 seconds but also know we are working hard to get these out the door for you in a timely manner. We want you wearing that social d product as quickly as possible.

All shirts are hand printed to order like a freshly poured beverage or a hot Italian Sausage straight off the grill.

We keep printed stock at a minimum so it takes a little time for all the TLC to happen. You get the picture right?

Items ship within 7 days of ordering unless there is a hold up with a blank coming in from our distributor or we blow a screen or something unforeseen happens like Bigfoot gets into the ink again! We do our best to get them out the door as fast as we can!

If you have a specific date you absolutely need them by, feel free to email us the requested date and we will do everything possible to make it hap’n cap’n!

As you have probably noticed, the shipping world is a bit bogged down right about now, so we ask for a little patience with us and them. Thank you for ordering.

- team social D