A huge thanks to Ben&Tess for the countless hours put into the programming and development of this site. They have been an amazing partner on this project and really made this site come to life. This has been a long process and a much-needed update for us, and we are thrilled with the way the site came out.

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Thanks to Chris Rutan for the killer photography on both the product shots and the collage work on the homepage banners. We threw a ton of info at Chris and she did an amazing job of pulling together some great photos. Looking forward to a continued partnership on all upcoming photography for the site.

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Huge thanks again to Ben Watkins at Big Wonderful Inc. for the company spotlight video. Having known Ben since we were kids, it makes it extra special to have him involved with the company. It was so much fun to have him come in, do the work, and then have us just sit back and wait for the outcome. We didn’t want this to be something we highly art directed or anything like that. Just wanted Ben to tell our story. We love it for so many reasons and will always be able to look back at it and be proud. Thanks, Ben!

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We have met so many great people while developing this brand over the last 10 years and want to give a big general thank-you to all the fellow crafters, makers, doers, and show coordinators who we have had the pleasure of working with or setting up shop alongside. It’s been amazing to see how much has changed since we first started doing this, especially the focus in recent years on purchasing handmade items and shopping local. We have set up shop next to vendors of all varieties, with an incredible range of work, and usually walk away from each show blown away by the talent around us. So, this is a giant blimp-sized thank-you to all the amazing makers that we have been lucky to have met along the way.


A big heartfelt thank-you to our customers. Thanks for your appreciation of what we do. Thank you for seeking out something unique and not settling for what you are seeing in the big box community. We love that people take time out of their busy schedules to find the events that we are a part of simply to find something new and fresh. To us, knowing your maker is a pretty cool thing and we give a giant sincere bear-hug to all those who relish in this concept with us. Here’s to many more years of providing you with conversational tees that you can be proud of. We love ya like Joanie loves Chachi.