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    Let us know if you are looking for a custom design. We have worked with many different companies, groups, and organizations over the years and would be glad to hear from ya. We prefer to work from the design and concept phase through to the end result, but if you just need printing we can look into that for ya as well. Shoot us an email here


    Over the years we have teamed up with some fine people... Here are a few:
    • HiHO Brewing Co.
    • eBay
    • Akron Coffee Roasters
    • The Pierogi Lady
    • ESPN
    • MTV Networks
    • Custom Ink

    Square Records
    • The Merchant Tavern
    • The Nightlight
    • Mr. Zubs
    • Popsmith
    • Hudson Farmers Market
    • Platform Beer Co.
    • Gannett
    • Vendetti's Full Service Salon