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We are a small team cranking big things. Each of us at The Social Dept. bring a ton of expertise to the table and play a huge part in putting it all together for our customers. Below is a little list to help you get to know our team. We have a lot of pride in this brand and hope you will enjoy what we are creating!


Owner, Basketball Junkie, and Cat Freak 
Andy is a Grammy-nominated graphic designer by trade with over seventeen years in the biz. Andy currently owns and operates both a work-for-hire design studio, Ohioboy Art & Design (, and this here t-shirt brand, The Social Dept.

In the past Andy has worked for Platinum Design Inc. NYC and MTV Networks. He has had the privilege of working with many great people throughout the years and has been a part of many award-winning projects. Clients include: Time Warner Books, Art Directors Club of NY, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, TV Land, Chip Taylor, ESPN, Travis Pastrana, Matt Hoffman, KISS, Elvis, The Beatles, Platform Beer Co., Newburgh Brewing, Growler Magazine, Black Dog & Leventhal, Reader Link, Sterling Publishing, NBC Universal, Square Records, Gannett, Viacom, Le Grand Magistery, American Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Folkways, and a few others.
Work responsibilities include: Team Dad • Designer • Illustrator • Typographer • Point Guard • Litter box changer • Beer supply stocker • Supply manager • Ink specialist • Squeegee dryer • General social specialist



Studio Manager, Gardener, and Team Mom 
Christy is a fashion designer by trade with over seventeen years in the biz. Christy worked for Ralsey Group Ltd, Lord & Taylor, and Ann Taylor before switching gears a bit to raise a family and help run the biz. Christy currently splits her days—and nights—as the studio manager/order specialist with The Social Dept. and raising two adorable little kiddos. Pretty much two full-time jobs that run 24/7/365.
Work responsibilities include:  Office Manager • Order/return specialist • Illustrator • Shipping department • Resident fashion designer • Screen prep gal • Meal planner • Eggnog maker • Supply manager • Daily emailer • Cat and child maintenance



Illustrator / Printer / Shop Boy 
Work responsibilities include: Heavy-duty printing • Illustration Wiz • Horror Film Encyclopedia • Concept developer • Beer supplier • General social specialist



Printing Assistant and Movie Junkie 
Work responsibilities include: Screen maintenance • Resident film expert • Concept developer • Screen prep guy • Heat-setter • Beer supplier • Craft show Carnie • General social specialist



Printing Assistant and Comedy Relief 
Work responsibilities include:  Screen maintenance • Key & Peele enthusiast • Heat-setting specialist • Legendary storyteller • General social specialist


Friends & Helpers

In order to pull all this together we have had an insane amount of help along the way. We can’t thank these folks enough for their contributions to bringing this all together and making it a really fun brand to be a part of. So let’s give thanks to: June, Nolan, Griggy, Papa, Oma, Opa, Amy, Mike T, Lisa, Laurie, Eric, Abby, Larry, Leah, Ella, Rufus, Annie, Ben, Robyn, Rob, J, Ryan, Kelly, Natalie, Anna, Christian, Elaini, Mike J, Criswell, John C, Tristan, Dave, Micah, Nick, Matt B, Matt S. You are all lifelong members of this team as we couldn’t pull it off without ya!